Since I’m trying to start my own business while I am going to Hubbard College, it really helps that they allow you to go at your own pace. For instance, a few weeks ago I needed to spend more time on a business project I was doing, but I had college that night. Hubbard College let me spend that time on the business thing I was doing and make up the scheduled time on my Associate Degree later on the week. Having a self paced career education really helps when you’re trying to start a new business or even find a job. You don’t always have time to focus on school when you’re trying to start the next Google, no matter how old you are. Remember, Facebook changed the world and it was started by some college dude. Hubbard College knows that, and it’s something they highly support. That’s why they allow you to go at your own pace. Instead of having hoping you get all you need to pass the next test and praying you remember it by the time finals come. Redmond, Student at Hubbard College