Today I sat an interviewed Associate Degree student Elena Kalinina from Russia. She had many great views on the program, as she had quite a bit of experience before coming here with the work world as it really is. She is currently on her How to Effective Write Company Policy course and just finished her How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning Course. Me: First off, where are you from? Elena: Moscow, Russia. Me: How did you hear of the Hubbard College? Elena: I heard about it through my boyfriend who has a technology company in Switzerland. He wanted more trained employees and wanted me to work for him so I came here to get the right training. Me: What made you decide to come to the college? Elena: I was looking for something new. I had graduated a university in Russia with a degree in engineering. I didn’t see in my education what I really wanted. I was looking for something I could apply.  When I was shown the Hubbard College website it was interesting. The degree included sales, marketing, PR, and so many other parts. It included all I needed. Also, it was a good idea for me to come to America and have to be in an environment where I could learn English and have to learn English. [Elena has been here less than a year and is already speaking amazing English] Me: What did you do in Russia for work before you came here? Elena: I have had many different experiences. The last company I worked for was IKEA Moscow, in the leasing dept. I had also worked in a hair transplant clinic as a receptionist! Looking back at the other jobs I’ve had I can now spot the mistakes the companies made by comparing them to the data I have now learned. Me: What in particular makes the Hubbard College career education stand out from other colleges and business schools? Elena: First of all, in my university I would only study 2 weeks prior to my exams and I would study TO pass the exam. So the purpose of studying was wrong. It wasn’t to apply the course. At the end when I had my university degree I didn’t feel I could comfortably work in a company because I had no experience before. At this college there is no stress for exams. Students have their own speed. Here you study at your own speed. Some are fast some are slower, but each student has the purpose to learn the course and then go and use the knowledge. Also all I learn now, I can remember. When I do a course and then go apprentice, the information is more real to me because I have done something with it and used it. Me: The current unemployment rate includes college graduates. What about your education here makes you sure you’ll find a job after finishing your program? Elena: The administration technology I have learned here makes me feel secure because it’s a technology and there are formulas. It’s actually really simple, if you know how it works. That gives me security. Me: How do you think your management degree will help you if you were to start a company as an entrepreneur. Elena: Well the basic idea is being able to establish a valuable final product and then set up a system to produce and deliver it. I need to be able to communicate to others, and again, apply certain formulas to increase the statistics. To run any business, I have to be able to have an organization not just a group of people (company). I know the right way to have coordination inside a company. I know all of these things! -Cassidy Turbin