Being Able to Command Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be the Boss Have you been to a restaurant or something where the manager just freaks out to the employee for not doing something according to how the manager wants it to go? Or have you ever seen a housewife abuse her maid for no apparent logical reason? You don’t get things done well by treating people like animals. Even though media and TV try to let you believe that all humans are like animals, this is not the reality. Humans are able to think about situations and often enough come to rational solutions how to handle them. So why is it that some people have a ton of followers and some people can’t even get anything done through their friends? A lot of the time it’s just defined as an X-factor, someone just has it or not. But I believe you can learn anything. A few utilities one can keep in mind when you want to get something done through someone else: •    Have good manners, this consists of communicating in a clear and understanding way and showing that the other person has an importance. •    Have a reason to actually need the person to do it, and reflect that reason to him so he knows why. •    Make sure the command has an ethically and morally correct action; else you are risking the person’s perception of right and wrong. •    Be confident and show it, you must really have your intention on the command. You WANT it done. Not in a forceful way, but in a very strong confidence. These are actually things you have to just apply to really see how it works; just reading it on my blog and knowing it won’t actually get you anywhere. As I have pointed out several times, application of the actual learned theory is what makes you capable in this business world today. In my business administration degree I had communication drills; this actually makes you able to confront people better. It’s just continually training your leadership and ability to get things done. This has all the knowledge you need to know about communication, what does it consist of and how do you use it correctly? My favorite course was the sales training, you get about 26 drills that you keep doing until YOU feel comfortable about it. The other communication courses were a lot of fun too, you get to really connect with the other students this way also. Every entrepreneur has a little insecurity about starting out and getting to command all these people, it takes some responsibility and confront which this training can really boost for you. Jerome Garot