Admissions — Degree and Continuing Education

Making the Decision

Whether you’re a high school student choosing a career and considering an Associate Degree or already in business and want to improve your prospects through continuing education, the college you choose is an important decision.

During our admissions process we do our best to help you make the personal and important choices that are right for you.

If you need help planning a career or clarifying your goals, we’ll help you. And we’ll make sure you understand exactly what is offered here and exactly what is expected of you.

We’ll also do everything we can to enable you to achieve success and happiness in your career.

Facts to consider

The Hubbard College of Administration Internationals Associate Degree program offers knowledge and practical application that are vital in todays challenging business environment. L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology is used throughout the world because it has been found to work with effectiveness and success.

Our method of education, using Study Technology, is also in broad use in many countries.

We don’t simply fill your head with facts and figures. Our Externship programs ensure a strong focus on practical application.

You will be able to use what you learn.

No matter what your career goals are, whether you want to work in the non-profit sector, in business or as an entrepreneur, even if you want to go into politics or become an artist, your education here will prepare you for success. 

You will have to weigh these facts, and others. And you will have to decide.

As part of this process, we encourage you to contact us and get briefed on what we have to offer, talk to our faculty, see what our graduates have accomplished and speak with students who are already enrolled.

Admissions Requirements and Enrollment

Admissions Requirements and Enrollment
Applications are accepted anytime of the year, and students accepted may begin studies at the next scheduled start date for the program enrolled.

Many factors are considered during the application review process. A student’s personal qualities, achievement, and motivation for learning are all considered.

1. Forward a completed application for admission form to Hubbard College of Administration International with application fee (degree program only – $115 Domestic applicants, $200 foreign applicants).

2. Have, and submit evidence of having earned a high school diploma or equivalent.  Hubbard College of Administration International will accept as a recognized equivalent of secondary education a GED, passing score on the California High School Proficiency Exam, a DD214 that indicates high school equivalency, and/or a degree issued to the student that indicates high school graduation and date, and/or documentation of completion of an academic postsecondary degree, from an accredited institution. Ability-to-benefit students are not accepted.

3. Request and forward 3 letters of recommendation. These may be from relatives, neighbors, clergymen, coaches, teachers, employers, employees, or others who are personally acquainted with the applicant.

4. Arrange a personal interview and testing session by contacting the Office of Admission at (323) 660-8685. Personal interviews are required for all applicants, either in-person or via Skype. An interview will allow you to personally get acquainted with the opportunities offered. Interviews will also help us to better understand your needs and help you to obtain your goals. We accommodate visitors anytime of the year and any day of the week by appointment.

5. Testing
All students applying for admission to the degree program must take the following tests:
a. Exec-U-Test – This is a personality test that helps the Faculty help the student throughout the program.
b. Exec IQ Test – This is an IQ test that tests the student’s analytical ability.
c. English Proficiency Test – All international students are required to take the Gray Silent Reading Test and a minimum score of 40 is required. Applicants who fail the test are eligible to retake the exam after 48 hours. Up to 3 attempts are allowed.

These tests are all administered by the college and must be done by the student online and is evaluated by the Academic Compliance Director. If the student is local to CA, the student is required to come in person for testing and interview. If the student is from another state or country, then the test is administered by the Academic Compliance Director using one of the online platforms.

6. Technology Requirements
• Completion of Questionnaire to assess student’s ability to learn in an online delivery mode.
• Attestation of required technology to include, regular daily access to a computer that meets the following minimum Distance Education Equipment Requirements as stated below:

Minimum hardware requirements:
• Laptop computer;
• Internet connection;
• Soundcard;
• Speakers;
• Webcam;
• Microphone
Minimum software requirements:
• Microsoft Word;
• Microsoft Excel;
• Microsoft PowerPoint
Additionally, Windows users should have a minimum of:
• Most recent version of Windows operating system;
• GB of memory storage capacity;
• Most recent version of either: Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser or Google Chrome Internet Browser
Additionally, Mac users should have a minimum of:
• Most recent version of Mac OS operating system;
• GB of memory storage capacity;
• Most recent version of either: Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser or Google Chrome Internet Browser

7. Hubbard College of Administration International provides an online orientation program to familiarize the student with the equipment and resources used in the distance education activities and to orient the student to the distance education learning process.

8. International Students
Hubbard College of Administration International welcomes international students. The College does provide student visa services. International students are eligible for admission based on English proficiency, academic achievement, and financial solvency. Please see other fees section for visa services.

All courses are delivered in English. Hubbard College of Administration International does not provide English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) programs. Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate their proficiency by passing an English proficiency exam, see number 5 above.

9. Foreign Transcript Evaluation
All foreign transcripts must be evaluated and if necessary, translated to meet U.S. equivalency at the students’ expense.

The following is a sample of foreign transcript evaluators. Hubbard College of Administration International does not endorse any evaluators.

a. Foreign Consultants:
b. Educational Credential Evaluators: 
c. Educational Perspectives: 
d. International Consultants of Delaware: 
e. International Research Foundation, Inc.: 
f. World Education Services: 

10. Additional admission requirements for Strategic Management Executive/Consultant and Senior Management Executive/Consultant Certificate Programs. Applicants are required to provide proof of membership in WISE at the time of enrollment.

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