Arthiraani Ramalingam

MBA, M.S. Advanced Management Studies from Peter F. Drucker School of Management. Claremont Graduate University, USA.

Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Marketing and Strategic Management, Master of Business Administration — Bharathidasan University, India.

Over 18 years of field experience.

Marie Claire Tagliaferro

M.S., Professor of General Ed and Public Relations Management, International Speaker and Publisher.

Forty years of experience as an Executive and Educator in the US.

Carla Coronado

BS Computer Science, MBA, Professor of General Ed, Master of Business Administration (EOI) Escuela de Organizacion Industrial, Madrid, Spain.

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering (PUCP) Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru.

Over 11 years of field experience.

Mercedes Mira

Mercedes Mira, B.S. Business Administration
Academic Compliance Director and Professor of Administrative Studies.

Bachelor of Science Business Administration
California State University, Los Angeles.

Over 20 years of field experience.

Yarko Manzanares

Adjunct Professor of Management Studies
Educational Institutions, USA.

Over 25 years of field experience.