Associate of Applied Science in Management and Administration

Program Description and Objectives

Management and administration are vital functions in any type of organization. These functions involve coordinating the activities of people and resources to perform vital tasks that contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives and goals. Managers and administrators must understand people, the nature of organizations and the way they function, leadership methods, and systems for planning and controlling organizational operations. Career opportunities in management and administration are as diverse as the world of business and organization. The following people could benefit from this program:

  • People who wish to prepare for entry-level management positions in business or industry.
  • People who have acquired occupational or professional training and can combine this background with sound business education to enable them to obtain advancement in the management areas associated with their specialty fields.
  • Business owners, professionals, executives, managers, and supervisors who want to learn and apply new skills to their existing organizations.

By the end of this associate of applied science program, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in a business environment.
  • Apply and Maintain business ethics standards
  • Effectively implement business principles
  • Lead a team to meet production goals
  • Manage by Statistics
  • Manage a project, keeping it on time and budget
  • Write effective business correspondence
  • Compare and contrast various organizational designs
  • Complete basic non-accounting financial planning for cash flow management
  • Market sell and effectively deliver products and services
  • Demonstrate the skills, attitudes, and knowledge appropriate for the efficient and effective operation of both businesses and nonprofit organizations during the final externship resulting in case studies that the students use as part of their work portfolio.

Total Semester Credit Hours: 63

Delivery:  Hybrid (both residential and online courses)

Approximate Time to Complete:

Full Time: 2 years (4 semesters)

General education subjects include courses teaching core competencies of study skills, science, art, communication, interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills, human behavior, and the humanities, with the purpose of bestowing upon the student an understanding of different cultures, viewpoints, and the essential skills of life-long learning and communication.

Business administration subjects include courses teaching coordination of the activities of people and resources to perform useful work and to achieve organizational objectives and goals, financial management toward allocation of resources toward viable projects and goals, organizational theory, organizational debugging skills, the nature of organizations and the way they function, leadership methods, systems for planning and controlling organizational operations, business ethics, management by statistics, basic organization, organizational design and structure, interoffice communication systems, executive basics, leadership, planning and writing programs, increasing efficiency, basic non-accounting financial planning for cash flow management, writing effective company policy, marketing and public relations surveys, public relations, marketing, and sales.

Throughout the degree program, faculty will instruct students how to combine theoretical knowledge with practical application of principles and techniques. The program focuses on application in real business situations. All courses include practical assignments and final exams. Hubbard College of Administration International does not have a cumulative final test or examination required for the completion of the program. Many courses are followed by faculty-supervised projects in which the student must go into a business or organization and directly apply the knowledge and skills learned in the course.

The degree culminates in a final project in a business or organization requiring the student to apply all the knowledge and skills learned in a variety of ways.

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