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Motivation to Learn

Hubbard College of Administration International believes that any individual who is highly motivated to learn should be given the opportunity to study. All individuals who have the desire to further their education and have the potential to succeed should have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and competence. Maturity and a desire for further education are considered as more important than quantitative measures of past school performance.

Self-Determined Enrollment

No applicant will be accepted by Hubbard College of Administration International who is not there of his or her own free will, but who has been ordered to complete a program or courses by his company or organization or who has been compelled to undergo study by a manager, judge, relative or anyone other than the applicant.

Admissions Requirements

Applications are accepted anytime of the year, and students accepted may begin studies at the time agreed with the Admissions department.

  1. Forward a completed application for admission form to Hubbard College of Administration International.
  2. Forward a completed Self-Determinism form.
  3. International Students (if applicable):
    Hubbard College of Administration International welcomes international students. The College does provide student visa services. International students are eligible for admission based on English proficiency, academic achievement, and financial solvency. Please see other fees section for visa services.

    All courses are delivered in English. Hubbard College of Administration International does not provide English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

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