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Study Methodology at the Hubbard College of Administration International

When most people think back to their education, they remember getting bored or falling asleep in class and leaving for the day being told “Read Chapter 12. There will be a quiz tomorrow.”

Some students passed, others failed. Some developed tricks to memorize data, some learned speed-reading, and some figured out how to cheat.

When you think about it, these are pretty strange solutions to learning. Everyone is stressed out, and many forget much of what they’d learned within a day or two.

Why can’t people just stay alert, stay interested, study what they need to learn, grasp it, and put it to use?

The answer is simple — ‘how to’ do anything is a form of study; including ‘how to study’. And that’s one subject they didn’t learn.

Knowing how to study is a major key to success

Since school is all about study — whether you’re in your first year or going for college degrees – you would think ‘how to study’ would be the first thing any student would learn. But you won’t see ‘how to study’ on any curriculum.

Without that, without fully grasping the material and the significance of it, without being able to apply the information to life, we’re not really educated. The best we can do is accumulate facts, and we don’t remember nearly as many of them as we are actually taught.

The result? Students fail their courses. Businesses fail because their executives and employees did not really get the data they studied. Twenty-five percent of new businesses fail within the first year, and more and more go out of business every year thereafter. After ten years only three out of a hundred are still in business.

And as we can see with the current economy, even the largest and oldest multi-million dollar businesses can wind up in bankruptcy.

Is the problem the economy? No. The problem is bad management and employees who don’t really know how to do their job.

How can the Hubbard College of Administration International help you to study for success?

Imagine a college where everyone can apply what they studied after graduation. They know the data cold, and they’ve already used it with success in the business world.

That’s what happens at the Hubbard College of Administration International.

It’s made possible by using the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. And we’re the only college that offers it.

Whether you’re going for an Associate Degree or continuing education, learning how to study can help make your career planning a reality and ensure your success.

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