blog-19-imageI just completed the How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Course which covers just that, as part of my associate degree program. This was a great journey for me. Even though it took me more than the expected time to finish it, I successfully applied it in real life situations back home in Brazil in my family and company. For me to be able to really evaluate and predict human behavior, handle human relations and understand how people behave based on the knowledge in the Chart of Human Evaluation by Mr. Hubbard is just amazing! I am now trained and well equipped for ideal handlings of situations I might encounter in my life with friends and relatives or in my company with my staff members. I am really glad that I learned this data in my Associate Degree Program because now I know and understand the importance of others having this data so they as well are able to handle things like I did or even bigger things. – Felipe Pedrosa