My name is Jonathan Turton.  I ‘m studying to earn my business degree at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I just finished the How To Increase Efficiency In Your Company apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is amazing!  The company where I conducted the apprenticeship is a construction company.  I was able to help individuals with setting up and maintaining a communication system, which contained each staff member’s IN, PENNDING and OUT baskets.  This produced a direct result of terminating their backlogs and eliminating unnecessary traffic that was being put on their lines. j0316739It was almost like a coaching role in that I oversaw the person doing this, but it wasn’t actually me handling the person’s stuck flows, slows in communications, and unnecessary particles. This not only immediately increased production, but also put tools there for them to use when I was gone.  In fact, one sale that I closed (purely incidental) was simply applying these tools by having the salesman implement them in his day-to-day environment. This was a great apprenticeship and I recommend it to anyone who wants to increase efficiency in their company, their position, their life.