So I’ve been going to Hubbard College for a little while now and I’m almost done. A few weeks from now I’ll have my associate degree. I don’t think it was an easy process, I did do some work. Unlike a lot of people out there, when they hand me my degree I know I’ll really be able to do something with it. To me it’s more than a piece of paper. I’ve had to show that I can really do everything that I’m supposed to be able to do, and I did. Which is nice, because when I go into a business I’m not just some kid straight out from college. I can actually do something. I can set-up programs and actually get them done. I know how to market a product, but not just in theory. I’ve actually successfully marketed a product while in college. I know I can do it, and it really gives me the confidence to not worry about “Oh my god, what do next”. Have you ever heard of someone having to learn “in the real world” how to something, even though they’ve been to college for that exact purpose? What’s the point of going to college if you have to learn about it in the real world before you can do it? That’s one of the things that Hubbard College has on all of the other colleges out there. When you get out, you know how to manage a business. And you can do it as soon as you step through the door. How do I know? Because I’ve done it before! I’ve already proven it before I graduated. I went out into that “real world” and proved I knew what I was doing. I proved that I could actually do what was needed of me. So when I stepped into the “real world”, I already knew what I was doing. Kinda nice, wouldn’t you say? Redmond, Student at Hubbard College