By Gloria Liu, a Taiwanese student from Taipei on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA.

During the “How to Create Want for Your Products through Effective Sales Techniques” apprenticeship, I learned more about why you need to be informed about the product you are selling. I learned that one needs to know the features, the benefits of the product, about the business and owner who you are trying to sell to, as well as knowing about the price and payment options to name a few. It was exciting to do sales, because you only can get “one-shot.” There was no “start over again” or other types of classroom re-tries.  Either you get the customer to buy or you lose him.j0289528
I had wins selling my company’s products to six different individuals. They were all unique sales. Each of them had their own concerns and had their own interests. However, by locating their interest, I was able to sell them what they needed and wanted. Itís fascinating to find a person’s interest and cultivate their willingness to buy a specific product. Fundamentally, sell them what they want, donít try to sell them everything.
I am currently on the “Marketing and Public Relations Surveys” apprenticeship.