My name is Jamie Chang.  I am from Los Angeles and am studying at Hubbard College of Administration International to earn my Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management and Administration.  I just finished the Public Relations course. I used to think that a public relations person (PR) is someone who looks pretty or handsome, dresses nicely and standing on some stage making a speech.  It wasj0289528someone meets a lot of people. At that time, a PR position was a really interesting and admirable line of work. Yet it was something that was quite easy. After learning this course, I realize being in PR isn’t a piece of cake. To become good at PR, you have to have the ability to handle every possible circumstance with an ability to confront and get the best solution for the majority of the publics. I’ve gotten so much out of this course!  One thing that is very new to me is that PR is not just for a company or a business. PR tech can actually apply to your own personal life as well. During the course, I learned how to handle any rumor or lies about me that may be created and how I can avoid them along with making myself better known as well.