My name is Jamie Chang.  I’m a Taiwanese student from Kaohsiung on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA.  I just finished the Marketing and Public Relations Surveys course. j0283063I just completed the Surveys course. This course gives you a very powerful tool about how you actually create and conduct surveying. I have done some practical surveys before.  Previously, it wasn’t that hard for me to understand the sequence.  However, this time I got to know how I can actually CREATE the survey questions and get the right public, so I can establish a nice marketing campaign to promote my products widely known to publics. This course also gives you another tool called the Tone Scale.  The Tone Scale is a scale that shows what emotion (tone) you are at, and based on that, the surveyor can determine what reality the publics are in which provides you with the needed information to create the same reality and have agreement with them. One of the main things I got from Surveys is that you do surveys with ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication). No ARC, no surveys; no surveys, no buttons; no buttons, no promotion, and then you got NOTHING.  Surveys are a MUST before you promote things. It’s the key to success, and I now see the necessity of Surveys!