Blog 37 imageA lot of people can start yawning when they hear words “STUDY” and “College Degree.” They associate study with something boring, uninteresting, with time spent in classrooms “listening” to a teacher , looking out the window and thinking it is so nice outside and “What am I doing here?” I thought the same way before I came to Hubbard College of Administration .You know, studying here has been a big discovery for me, Career Education can be BIG FUN! At Hubbard College of Administration, you never just sit in the classroom and read a book or write essays, your course program is made in such way that you always do theory – practice, theory – practice. Read – go and practice! Complete your course, go to the business site and do your project! Do you think we have time to be bored? :-). NO! We have some classrooms for theory and for practice, so when you read or do written assignments you are in the silent room. And when you need to do a practice you go to a special practice classroom where you will not find “silence”. In fact, it can be very noisy, especially when some students do Training Drills from a course “How to Get Things Done.” It is one of the first courses in the Associate Degree and one of my favorite ones.  After these drills my intention and my ability to get things done increased so much! In my former job (and in my life) I preferred to do all the work by myself rather than to get other people do their jobs. I had a big problem to get things done and it was one of the reasons why I was so overburdened in my position. This course helped me solve this problem, it was a big win for me. For more than one year I have studied here, I never was bored from my career education. I love study ! Elena Kalinina