My name is Brandon, and today I completed a course called Company Basics One at Hubbard College. CB056536If you look around at the majority of small companies or even the largest of companies on earth, you’ll find that the staff and executives all have something in common; they don’t know the basics of organizing.  This may seem to be a stiff statement at first, but just think about the executives who’s jobs are demanding of both their time and patience.  They are stressed and complain of “no time” and may even have disgruntled employees, and at their last wits end, either quit or endure arduously. Every professional on earth would benefit from this course.  It teaches you the very simple fundamentals of organizing and how to implement order. It will revitalize that notion of long ago that you could have a great job and a great life with all the time you would ever need for the things you personally desire to create while being a successful part of the workaday world.