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Student Life At The Hubbard College

Most students at the Hubbard College are very focused on their career education.

Once each module of the degree program is complete, they go to an apprenticeship site and do their internship on that module. So a large part of their learning experience is done in a real business.

Career Paths

We take students to visit companies that would be of interest to them. One example is Taylor Guitars in San Diego. They tour the factory and get to see how the guitars are made — how to turn a pile of wood into a beautiful musical instrument that sells for anywhere from a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars.

The company was started by two guys in a garage and today they are the number one acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world. They produce almost three hundred guitars a day!

We do this so that students can see interesting companies with unusual products. It gives them a broader view of what’s possible in terms of a career path.

Talent Cafe

Many of our students are talented artists and musicians. Every six weeks set up the college as a cafe and the bands can come in and play. We have as many as eight to twelve acts in a night. This is something the student body works on as a project together.


The college is involved in projects around the world where we lay the ground work for setting up new colleges. Students have the opportunity to go with the project team. We’ve had student accompany us to .South America or Asia or Europe as well as place in the US.

Sports and Entertainment

In their free time students often get together for activities such as skiing and surfing. Within an hour’s drive from the college they can be in the mountains or at the beach, so they could go surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.

Southern California has so much to offer – skate parks, snowboarding, skiing and surfing.

There is a YMCA club nearby where students can exercise or play soccer and basketball.

And of course Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world — so movies, theaters, art galleries, theme parks and museums of all kinds abound.

“I spent three years at Michigan Tech University and in those three years I spent studying business administration and technical communications. Just within my first four or five months at the Hubbard College, I learned and understood more than I ever did in those three years at that university. I went from having a barely 2.0 GPA just to have a 4.0. That’s due to the study methods used here and the fact that the staff really wants you to succeed.” – RK

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