Hi, this is Stella Ou. I am from Taiwan and am currently studying to become certified as a Master Consultant at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I’ve just completed the course, How to get along with others. j0236531What manager wouldn’t want to know how to get along with others better?!  In this amazing course I found that that “tone scale” and “ARC triangle” are the best tools to use to talk to people with different emotional levels.  Our emotions vary from second to second throughout the day.   These tools teach you how to talk to different people in different emotional states. It’s management’s responsibilities to bring the staff “uptone.”  These are the tools that management can use to do so.  Also, these tools help management to spot the more valuable staff in an organization.  Your more valuable staff will want to be with other staff that are more up-tone and enthusiastic.  Thus, increased productivity is the result.