Blog 35 imageMy name is Elena and I’m a current student of the Associate Degree Program at Hubbard College of Administration.  I came from Russia to LA a year ago for my career education. Honestly, I never expected that it would be such a great experience for me! Since my first day in college I understood that it was a unique place. Never before I have seen that in one classroom there can be people from different countries, different ages, different cultures, doing their own courses in the Associate Degree program and studying at their with own pace. I remember I was worried that I would have problems as my English in the beginning of my studies was pretty bad :-). But these worries disappeared very fast as I could study at my own speed. Sure, in the beginning I was slower than now, but I used the study method taught here and this helped me to improve my English and be faster in my moving through my Associate Degree. What I like too, instead of a teacher or a professor we have supervisors who are always willing and ready to help you to find an answer on ANY question, handle any problems or any barriers, which can happen during study.  It is amazing! Sometimes I was confused, tired, didn’t understand the material, was upset; I asked for help and in some minutes I felt that everything was very clear and understandable, I was bright and I was willing to continue! Never before, in my school or in my University did I experience this! In this college, they help you to get knowledge and be yourself. That is some career education!