Founding Advisory Committee

The Founding Advisory consists of 25 successful and influential business leaders around the world who are deeply concerned with the current state of affairs in many areas. These are all individuals who know from personal experience that the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology can invariably bring about flourishing and prospering individuals, businesses and governments. In fact, they know that it contains the solutions to the economic and organizational challenges the world faces today.

Together and singly these individuals work, then, on projects to help communities, groups and businesses improve conditions. Singly, they each undertake projects to introduce the Administrative Technology to others in their area of business. Thus we find the CEO of a software company introducing clients and other such companies to the technology, using his own company as an example of successful application.

So too does the CEO of a public relations company and the owner of what is probably the largest dental practice in the United States. They also help the Hubbard College of Administration International expand its activities, and often represent it to governments, at trade shows, etc. And they assist it with fundraising activities or with public relations programs.

As a group, the Committee works with the College on various programs such as opening new Colleges in countries around the world and otherwise making the technology broadly known.

Working closely with the College at every step, these influential individuals do much to get Mr. Hubbard’s organizational and administrative methods broadly applied for the betterment of the societies in which they live and work.

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