blog-27-imageBecause Sitting Around Waiting For Something to Happen Will Get You Nowhere Sometimes we all look for answers, solutions to those aaaccching questions we have. Where am I going? What’s the point of it all? I used to be like that. I sat around, hung with friends, played games, chased girls, slept, studied, etc. But then came a point in my life, where I realized that I wasn’t going in any direction at all, even though I had told myself I wanted to become successful one day. And I wish that point had come to me a lot earlier. I got up and started looking for answers; I looked for it in my own country. I even thought I had it for a while by doing Commercial Engineering. I finished the first out of four years and found out it wasn’t the solution. I then got a lousy job (because I couldn’t get hired because of my inexperience), worked at it for 2 years, didn’t get me anywhere. Luckily my dad came to me one random day in May, and said there might be something for me to “just take a look at”. This was a slick looking Business Administration College in Los Angeles called Hubbard College, I said “Why not check it out and enjoy the sun while I’m there?” Who would have guessed that was the best decision of my life. I quickly signed up for the Business Administration Degree they offer. I now not only get a great education, I get actual experience. They send me out to companies as an apprentice, and eventually as an intern, to actually learn to APPLY what you study. This seemed like such a good idea, they even HELP you find a job. And they have gotten about every graduate one, isn’t that amazing? When are you going to get up? Jerome Garot