Learn How to Get People to Basically Sell YOUR Product to Themselves Don’t you just hate it when a sales person walks up to you and you can tell he doesn’t care one bit about your needs? Or if he is being really fake and nice, then you end up buying the worst possible product for the craziest amount of money. Annoying right? Here are some things people HATE about most salesmen: •    They talk too much, and in a confusing way •    Not to the point, excluding the negative side of the products •    Arrogant & self-absorbed, they don’t care about you •    They try to hurry you and forcing you to buy it NOW, NOW, NOW! I personally dislike their insincerity the most, “Well hello handsome young man! I bet I can interest you in an excellent vacuum cleaner today! You look like you could use a good sucker…” Last Friday we had a Sales Workshop, given by Nick Terrenzi, a senior executive here at the college. And it was GOOOOOOOOD. So many think that a sales person was born, he had that gift, that charisma. I always thought that’s why I was kind of good at it, because I was born that way. But after the workshop I realized there is a technology behind selling, one that I was only using a little bit already, but unknowingly. They are really easy to follow, and it will get sales up so greatly if you truly apply all the aspects. It’s important to care for your customer, make sure he gets what he NEEDS. Salesmanship is not about getting money, it’s getting what’s right for the consumer. A lot of people have lost that way of thinking, they’re just thinking about how much they can get from you and then kick you out and never call again, like a bad date. If you are an entrepreneur, a salesman, someone who is looking to start doing this kind of business or just a student trying to find a job – send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know when the next sales workshop is. For students on the associate degree the workshops at school are free, by the way. It’s a must in career education. P.S. There was even a guy from my country (Holland) all the way out here just to do the workshop and the sales training course, that’s how good it is! Jerome Garot quejay@gmail.com