My name is Hiro.  I just completed my Qualification Sectary mini hat for my Consulting Level II! Yes!!! This course is basically about the function of the head of any qualification division in a company.  It trains you to ensure, as the head of thej0284915area, to establish and maintain that the staff members of the organization are producing whatever they supposed to produce and at the level of quality needed.  Before, I had some simple questions about the organization. What can I do with those people who don’t produce as much as they’re supposed to? Or, how to make every single employee in the organization wanting their products, so they’ll start producing more with a passion for what they do. I didn’t know the answers for these questions. I knew that if the morale of the employees in the organization is high then they’ll produce very well, but I didn’t know how to make their morale high, or keep it high. This course was amazing in that it explained to me everything that I needed to know about area of qualifications.  I now know the anatomy and method of how to handle the above situations. Also, I know how to run a qualifications division and what its true purpose and functions are. I became much more powerful and more cause as a future executive, because of this course.