Hi, this is Stella Ou. I am from Taiwan and currently studying to be certified as a Master Consultant at Hubbard College of Administration International.  I’ve just completed the “Company Basics II” course. j0178537This course is awesome!  It gives you an overview of all the fundamentals a company should operate under.  Although it’s an overview, it gave me many principles that I’m confident I can apply.   The course materials are the key to success in this course.   Every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur should take this course and guard the materials as if it was the bible.  Trust me, you’ll never regret it! Another tool you learn on this course is the Organizing Board.  This tool gives you a detailed insight how to organize your company to get your products and services including efficient distribution of labor.  This will not only save you a tremendous amount of time, but also help you to gain more time on generating more gross revenue for your company. Condition formulas are another valuable tool learned.  One can apply condition formulas to both a business and to your individual life.   By studying your company’s statistics, one can soon recognize the condition the company is currently in and immediately know how to handle that condition to ensure company progress.   The formulas are so simple to use.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to improve a business, and with the right formula, your company will fly high in mere seconds! There is so much more in this course that is worth mentioning.   You’ll definitely benefit from studying Company Basics II.