Welcome to the Hubbard College of Administration

As you explore our site, you’ll come to realize that we are a different kind of college.

Our students and alumni are people who want to produce real results in businesses and organizations in the real world. There are no “ivory towers” here. Instead, you’ll find everything directed towards accomplishment through a precise technology of administration developed by L. Ron Hubbard. When the data is studied and standardly applied in practice, it produces the intended results in any business or group.

The fact is, only skilled administrators can lead our companies and our nations to triumph over adversity and to prosperity and peace. And never before has that been more evident.

No amount of good intentions can get that job done. And the administrators we train are making a difference all over the world.

Explore our beautiful new facility, learn about our programs of study and educational opportunities, meet some of our students and graduates, and discover more about the college.

As you look around, you will soon see that we have some very unique features, such as

  • The “Lifetime Warranty” on the education you receive here
  • Our flexible format that allows you to make your own schedule
  • Self-paced study so you can move at your own speed
  • A focus on developing your ability to produce real, tangible results in real organizations
  • Our complete attention and commitment to you, as an individual.

Please feel free to contact me directly at any time. I invite you to come for a tour and look forward to meeting you.


Nick Terrenzi

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