Marketing Basics

Marketing is a vital function for businesses or organizations offering a product or service. This program provides an introduction to the basic elements of marketing. It covers basic study skills, how to conduct surveys and gather market information, advertising, sales promotion, development of advertising strategy, media strategy and sales promotional strategy. It covers the basic elements of public relations as they relate to the marketing functions.

A faculty-supervised Final Practical Application requires the student to summarize the knowledge and skills learned on this program to design and execute a marketing program for a business or organization.

This program is recommended for:

  • people who are currently working in the field of marketing,
  • people who have acquired occupational or professional training who can combine their backgrounds from vocational or professional programs with marketing knowledge and skills to enable them to enter marketing positions associated with their specialty fields, and
  • business owners, executives, managers or professionals who want to become more effective in managing the marketing functions of their companies or professional practices.

Program: Marketing Basics
Approximate Weeks:
Full Time: 40 Hours Per Week = 8
Half Time: 20 Hours Per Week = 16
Part Time: 10 Hours Per Week = 32

Instructional Clock Hours: 270
Semester Credit Hours: 9
Continuing Education Units: 27

Required Courses:

  • Basic Study Manual
  • How to Get Along With Others
  • Public Relations and Marketing Surveys
  • Public Relations and Marketing Surveys Apprenticeship
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Basics Final Practical Application