Prosperity Corps

Consisting of veteran consultants from the Professional Consultants Association or successful business owners who are at the point where they are more concerned with helping others than themselves, Prosperity Corps members undertake volunteer projects to deliver the Administrative Technology in communities and, particularly, in what are called “pioneer” areas. Requiring the activities of adventurous “pioneers,” these are areas and countries that have usually never even heard of the technology yet are in direct need of it. The Corps is a worldwide organization, funded by its members.

For example, in 1999, due to disastrous floods in Venezuela which resulted in failing businesses and a sinking economy, the Hubbard College of Administration International was asked to help businesses there recover. They called on the Prosperity Corps, and a volunteer team was shot out to the area to introduce Mr. Hubbard’s Administrative Technology to them. The team spent several weeks meeting government officials and business executives. The result? Failing businesses were turned around. And, because of demand, two consulting companies were set up in the country and a Hubbard College began initial stages of establishment. Furthermore, the demand spread and consulting offices opened in Colombia and Ecuador.

Then again, after the September 11, 2001 disaster in New York City, the Hubbard College shot a Prosperity Corp team out to help businesses there recover. Running a “New York Back to Business” campaign involving seminars and workshops for local businesses affected by the tragedy, the team helped them get back on their feet with marketing and basic management issues. Concurrently, a new Hubbard College opened in New York City so that local businesses would always be able to avail themselves of the technology.

Other volunteers have taken the technology to the businesses and governments of nations such as Russia, China, India, Hungary, Taiwan, Mexico and many more. Prosperity Club members know there is no shortage of people in dire need of help in the business world and other areas that require organizational skills. They have taken on the responsibility of doing something about it and meeting that demand.

For further information, please contact the Vice-President for New Students and Alumni Activities at the Hubbard College of Administration International. You can telephone him at 323-660-8685 or 888-812-4224 or click the link below to email us.

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