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Dress Code

Hubbard College of Administration International has established a student dress code in recognition of the fact that appropriate dress is an essential ingredient of success in the business community. Students’ dress must be neat, clean, decent, and in good taste. Dress for evening events and other special events would include a coat and tie for men, and a dinner dress or pants outfit for women.

Course supervisors and staff members may require a more stringent code in some cases. From time to time, the dress code may be changed or modified by the College


Hubbard College of Administration International does not assume responsibility for student housing, does not have dormitory facilities under its control, nor offers student housing assistance. According to for Los Angeles, CA rental properties start at approximately $1000 per month.

The Director of Technical Services will provide students with lists of housing facilities to assist students with finding living accommodations that are located conveniently near the College.


The College has a parking lot for the students’ use. See fee schedule for parking fees


The building in which the College is located has a security system that monitors the parking lot and other areas of the building 24 hours a day. Students are asked to report any security matters to the receptionist on the first floor.

Process for Addressing Student Grievances

Any student who has a complaint should direct his or her complaint to the Qualifications.

Secretary at Hubbard College of Administration International either in person or in writing. The Qualifications Secretary will have the authority to investigate the compliant, decide as to the appropriate handling required, and see that the appropriate handling is carried out.

If the student feels that he or she is not getting a satisfactory resolution of his or her complaint from the Qualifications Secretary, he or she may always directly communicate with the President of Hubbard College of Administration International in person or in writing. 

A formal written concern to the President must state the issue and desired outcome and should include any documentation that supports the concern. The President will review the written statement and any supporting documentation, gather facts, and provide a response to the student within five (5) working days. The President’s decision is final.

Any questions or problems concerning this school that have not been satisfactorily answered or resolved by the school should be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at 1747 North Market Blvd., Suite 225, Sacramento, CA 95834 or PO BOX 980818, West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818,, toll-free telephone number (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.

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