Student Conduct

The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness is a nonreligious, common sense moral code written by L. Ron

Hubbard. This code is contained in a 95-page book that includes for each of the 21 precepts a note on application. This code has been adopted as a guideline for all staff and students of Hubbard College of Administration International.


Moral Precepts from THE WAY TO HAPPINESS
  1. Take Care of Yourself.
  2. Be Temperate.
  3. Don’t Be Promiscuous.
  4. Love and Help Children.
  5. Honor and Help Your Parents.
  6. Set a Good Example.
  7. Seek to Live with the Truth.
  8. Do Not Murder.
  9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal.
  10. Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People.
  11. Do Not Harm a Person of Goodwill.
  12. Safeguard and Improve Your Environment.
  13. Do Not Steal.
  14. Be Worthy of Trust.
  15. Fulfill Your Obligations.
  16. Be Industrious.
  17. Be Competent.
  18. Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.
  19. Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You.
  20. Try to Treat Others as You Would Want Them to Treat You.
  21. Flourish and Prosper.


Suspension and Dismissal Policy

Conditions considered for possible student dismissal are:

  • Excessive tardiness
  • Class cuts
  • Any type of dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the institution)
  • Intentional disruption or obstruction in the classroom, public meetings or other school activities
  • Physical or verbal abuse of any person on school premises
  • Drug abuse
  • Theft or damage to school property
  • Failure to comply with directions of school officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  • Disregard for other rules or guidelines explained in this catalog.

A student who is disruptive and acts contrary to the policies of Hubbard College of Administration International will be routed to the Student Counselor. The routine action of Ethics is to request a reappraisal of behavior and a signed promise of good behavior for a specified time. If the student refuses to so promise, the Student Counselor would then undertake an investigation to determine whether the student should be allowed to continue.

Probation, suspension or dismissal shall be at the sole discretion of the Hubbard College of Administration International.

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