I purchased  The Complete Guide to Successful Selling and I wanted to share some of my achievements in using the book.

I found the points on building agreement and discovering interest amazingly simple and worth the time and effort to establish with a client.

I noticed a tremendous increase in my ability to match and raise another’s tone level as well as establishing agreement and overcoming the client’s doubts and fears. In fact I watch them melt in front of me.

I am in the wedding business and my success rate is nearly a one-for-one closing ratio since purchasing this book (and I have raised my prices by as much as 25%).

So with a better closing ratio despite price increases, I am on target to triple my income!

This is all with just reading through the book once, understanding the ideas presented and putting a couple of the points to use.

I am now going through it again, from the beginning, to take my understanding to a higher level.

This time I am actually doing the drills, essays and demonstrations from the Complete Guide to Successful Selling Workbook (I didn’t do them the first time through).

I plan really master all eight steps of selling and integrate fully all of the sales tools.

It all dovetails perfectly, fills in the many missing gaps from other sales manuals I’ve read and the book distills it all down to the basics. I appreciate your book and I would say it was worth the price many times over!