The Secret Of Productivity

and Teamwork

This two-day workshop is designed to help executives and managers at any level to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Overwork, stress and franticness have a cause and, once under control, actual productivity will replace uncontrolled, counterproductive motion. This workshop will give you precise, applicable technology ready for immediate implementation.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Increase your time management skills and workplace organization
  • Coach personnel toward goal achievement
  • Organize for success and managing your team
  • Manage and control productivity on an objective basis
  • Delegate without losing control and creating “flaps”
  • Handle exhaustion before you get “burned out”

Tuition: $285.00 (including materials)
Instructional clock hours: 10
Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEU

On-Site Workshops Available

All Hubbard College workshops may be conducted on-site.

Before delivery of an on-site corporate workshop, Hubbard College conducts a needs survey to determine existing circumstances and desired results. Workshops are then tailored to those needs of the company. Taking advantage of providing Hubbard College workshops directly to employees increases teamwork and development of needed skills.

The fees for a corporate workshop depend upon location, number of attendees and subject matter.

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