The Secret Of Productivity

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What attendees are saying about this workshop:


“These workshops made a great difference with my staff and me. We are working much more as a team. The whole atmosphere in the office has changed. Everyone is taking more responsibility for their jobs. It has become much easier to delegate tasks. The productivity of my staff has increased.” – Gudrun Morgan, PT, Credentialed McKenzie Therapist

“The workshop gave me a grasp of the basics of managing my business. It also enabled me to step back and get an exterior view so that I more properly allocate my time. Since completing the workshop, not only has work been easier for me, but also for my supervisors. As a result, the production has been up for the past several weeks without a lot of effort on my part.” – Stein Investigation Agency

“We now understand how to make progress each week toward our goals. As a result of the workshop, we stand as a solid management team committed to common goals, which will be achieved and will result in the improvement of our company and the lives of its member employees and customers.” – Eric W. Brackett, CEO, BTI Communications Group, Ltd.

“I am very excited! I can’t wait to get back and use what I learned. I have new hope in attaining my dreams. Thanks!” – Victor Romero

“The Productivity Workshop was invaluable to me in understanding statistics and also increasing my awareness of the importance and function of the Organizing Board. I believe that our entire staff would benefit from taking this course. Gerald is a fun and captivating speaker and truly knows how to hold your interest.” – Angella Chico

This was a fabulous workshop that helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more confident on how to return to my desk and tackle my Valuable Final Products – and where I fit in on our company’s Organizing Board was truly beneficial. I would recommend this workshop highly.” – Carol Duetsch

“Awesome workshop with vital data for managing a business. These are the key tools to help expansion and handle barriers to productivity. Anyone who works should know this data. Great workshop with a great speaker. Thank you HCA Int.” – Sun Jin Hee

“I learned a lot of new skills from this workshop that I hadn’t learned yet. It will be of great value in the future at my job. I finally know about the organizing board, which we use at school and work. I finally understand about that and now I feel things will run a lot more smoothly at work.” – Jason Koike

“I just wanted to thank the Hubbard College for being very warm and caring of what we as students of the course learn and are able to apply after the course is completed. The two days were very full of knowledge. I have learned from this workshop too many things to list and every one of them I will be able to apply on a daily basis, both at work and in my own personal life. Thank you.” – James Zandueta

“I really learned much on how to stat my productivity. In this workshop you also learn how to develop tools to help your division function properly. Before coming to this workshop I had no clue of a Valuable Final Product-with this new found data I can go to work knowing my Valuable Final Product. I would like to thank Hubbard College for all their help.” – Arthur Anderson

“The Organizing Board is fantastic and I feel it will handle so much confusion. I used to be quite organized, but I violated my own policy and it was downhill from there to the point of total overload and a major heart attack. I am now ready to take back my control.” – Eva Rodriguez

“This was great! The speaker was one of the best trainers I have ever had present to my staff. He was able to communicate concepts to 13 different types of people and everyone of them not only were smiling 80% of the time but I believe they all actually got each and every management point he made and they appeared to endorse it. Having my entire staff together and helping them become more aware of their position in the company and how they relate to each other professionally was awesome. Thanks for a job very well done.” – Dr. Joel Benk

“What a fun seminar. It was full of vital information that could easily be overlooked by an executive. The drilling drove home the major doingness and I was able to make this data my own. It will definitely help in the flow lines of our organization and has already increased our staff’s understanding. Thank you for delivering this information.” – Dr. Robert Schmidt

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