Dave Tourje

“I encountered L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology in 1992 when I attended a lecture at the Hubbard College. It was at this lecture I realized that if I was to ever realize the far-flung goals I had set, I would need to become a competent administrator. At that moment in life, I could not be further from those goals, as I was struggling heavily with the problems of my construction business and how to integrate my main purposes in life I had as an artist, musician and art activist. It was at this point that I enrolled in the Hubbard College.

As I began my administrative training, my construction business began to stably flourish and prosper. Since the beginning, I have increased the income of the company nine fold. While applying what I learned, I saw my personal income increase seven fold.

In addition my time spent running the company from 96 hours per week to 5, where it currently sits, a very significant improvement.

As I gained more and more time free time, and with my personal income rising and rising, my long-held dreams became more and more real and touchable. As an artist, I have sold my art to collectors around the world while showing in prominent museums and galleries. I have built a large art studio complex and office as well as a recording studio on my property, which serves as the creative hub for my art and music-related creations.

In 1998 I purchased the home of Nelbert Chouinard who founded and ran one of the most powerful art schools in the world from 1921 until her death in 1969 – The Chouinard School of Art – a world-renowned art school that was at the forefront of nearly every major art movement of the 20th century emanating from the West Coast. During its time, the original Chouinard was at the center of every movement in visual culture from animation (training all of Disney’s original animators) to fashion design in Hollywood (Edith Head, Bonnie Cashin, Bob Mackie), to all forms of influential art from the 20s through the 60s and beyond. Chouinard’s students are some of the most renowned artists in the world to this day. In 1999 we incorporated the Chouinard Foundation and restarted the Chouinard School of Art under my guidance as Executive Director.

After receiving a million dollar donation in 2006 Chouinard began to pilot its ideal scene, and the City of Los Angeles offered Chouinard a prestigious Public/Private partnership in order to bring our high caliber program to the underserved youth of LA. As part of this partnership, the City provides all space, assistants, materials and busses for field trips. In essence, Chouinard is authorized to deliver our program through any or all of the over 400 recreation facilities run by the City of LA Department of Recreation and Parks. Currently, we are open in two locations as we raise money to expand the program.

Living my dream was made possible by Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology. Without the application of this technology, my existence was a busy one, but one that held only a dim hope of actually attaining the far-flung dreams I envisioned.

With this administrative technology, anything is now possible.”

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